Arkadia Lending

Arkadia is an impact lending platform, connecting SMEs in developing markets with crowdfunding in the UK, generating high financial returns and measuring the impact on local prosperity, people and the planet. We aim to drive sustainable economic growth and to help alleviate issues like climate change, poverty, and inequality by creating a more holistic investment process, incentivizing sustainability whilst providing high social and financial returns. We aim to initially connect the UK with Ghana and then expand internationally.

Artificial Artist

Artificial Artists simplify 3D animation to help brands better engage and connect with their audiences. Founded by ex-MPC executives Ben Cyzer and Tim Phillips, Artificial Artists apply real time gaming technology to create 3D content easier, faster and cheaper. Their proprietary real time 3D animation platform, 3dctrl, enables users to quickly and easily configure and animate brand assets in-house. Designed to empower ‘non professional’ artists to create engaging, dynamic and professional quality 3D content for digital and immersive media.


All businesses have systems, services and information that is critical and needs protecting from attack. AVORD provides highly skilled and fully vetted security testers to the medium sized retail sector to identify vulnerabilities that will damage their business at up to 40% reduction on traditional methods. The AVORD platform was designed to make testing much easier to organise and manage providing scheduling, planning and tracking all your tests in one simple platform. The pressing need for a robust security testing service to ensure the systems and information key to business success are correctly configured and protected.


Bitcoin and blockchain technologies provide an alternate financial platform with sound money. Simplifying access to it is critical for democratizing finance and have a broader impact. BitHyve is on a mission to Simplify Sound Money. We are a passionate group of blockchain engineers and product developers who have their own story of how they fell down the ‘rabbit hole.’ Bound by the shared ideology, this bunch is itching to make an impact with their work. Building open-source products, technology consulting, and community conversations are things we love to do. Started in 2015 as a lab experimenting on blockchain tech and helping organizations make sense of it, we have acquired experience and expertise to be proud of. Hexa is the product we are working on, which embodies our belief and what we want to achieve. It is a smart Bitcoin wallet, built for everyone that is ultra-secure and simple to use.


Brego uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse over 50 million data-points to accurately predict car depreciation and ownership costs. We supply car dealerships and financial providers with beautifully designed tooling to give their customers more competitive financial packages and better understand stock moving in and out of the forecourt. Each product is tailored to the clients needs, some choosing to focus on maximising profits and others focused on minimising the customers monthly payments. We work closely with our clients to integrate any data they have with our technology and ensure it’s secure from any external sources. When financial providers have access to more accurate residual values, they can maximise the profit gained while minimising the customers monthly payments. We aim to disrupt the industry by providing best-in-class solutions with leading technology that no other business can provide.


Holibob is an aggregator in the activity, adventure and experience holiday market. We help micro/small tour operators to sell their authentic travel experiences through OTA’s, Airlines and E-commerce platforms. We partner with these commercial re-sellers giving our tour operators access to variety of distribution channels. The main focus of holibob is in the multi-day touring market, looking to take data about these trips and make them bookable through our re-sellers. We are looking to develop and create innovative tools that improve the ratio of online enquiry to online sale. It is commonly recognised in the multi-day touring market that this ratio is lagging, with roughly 80% of booking taking place offline. Our technology integrates with tour operators pre-existing booking software, giving us access to inventory, availability and content. With this information we then hold this on a database and publish it via API to our commercial parents. This gives our commercial partners a unique selling opportunity in one of the biggest trends in travel.


Livitay is the go-to platform for discovering, searching and booking activities and experiences for driven by Artificial Intelligence. We want to incentivise people to become more active by simplifying the process through which they are able to discover, search and book their favourite activities and allowing them to do this all in one place. We will define our activities and experiences into 5 main categories: Recreational Activities – (e.g Crazy Golf, Paintballing and Karting.) Cultural Activities – (e.g Art Museums, Zoos and Museums.) Sporting Activities – (e.g Sailing, Squash and Surfing.) Health and Wellbeing – (e.g Yoga classes, Meditation & spinning classes.) Experiences – (e.g Hot Air Ballooning, Sky Diving, Bungee Jumping.) Livitay will then take a 15% commission on bookings that come through the platform and will be free for the users. Advertisement packages will be available for purchase for activity hosts to boost their visibility on the livitay app. .


Storychest is the private digital memory box for families. It is designed as one permanent place to capture your life stories by harnessing digital technology. Storychest is a B2C consumer technology start-up and launched its iOS app in December 2017, and since then has continued to grow its users and subscribers. The company was founded by Charlotte McMillan, a busy professional and parent, who recognised that families accumulate mountains of photos and memorabilia and need an easy way to organise their memories. Storychest’s solution is a personal tool to digitally catalogue and organise life’s moments, using smart technology to bring delight and joy to families. Storychest’s mission is to faciliate cross-generational connections through the sharing of life stories. Its values are integrity, authenticity, creativity and trustworthiness. It was awarded Runner Up (Concept category) for Techpreneurs Awards for Women 2019.